Oxford Acupuncture

Oxford Acupuncture is a friendly and accessible acupuncture clinic in East Oxford, on the edge of Iffley Village.

Many conditions are treated successfully: from pain and chronic illness to fertility, anxiety, PTSD and depression. Heather is an approved Anxiety UK practitioner. Please see the conditions commonly seen in the clinic here:

If you have ever had questions about acupuncture and whether it can help you please feel free to ask.

The clinic is easily accessible, on main bus routes, and there is free parking at the clinic and along the road.

It operates from Iffley Turn Practice, a centre of excellence for acupuncture and osteopathy in Oxford.


01865 819698

Oxford Acupuncture

3 Church Cowley Road

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Heather Davidson

Heather Davidson
Heather practices Japanese, Five Element, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM) Acupuncture. She is also qualified in the very gentle “touch needle” Toyohari style of Japanese acupuncture. She has a broad knowledge of conventional Western medicine.

She is part of the faculty at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading where she teaches practical acupuncture skills.

She treats men and women for both chronic illnesses, acute conditions including pain management, supporting them to prevent further illness and get their life on track.

She and also helps women through the stages of fertility, pregnancy, labour, post-natal care and menopause.

She has studied and practiced meditation for over 20 years, and has a particular interest in mental and emotional issues, including trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.
She is approved by Anxiety UK to treat anxiety. If you would like to take take up this offer please contact her.


She creates a safe therapeutic environment for her patients. Her approach emphasises the whole person as well as the reduction of pain and other symptoms of illness.

This approach can bring about profound emotional change and wellbeing.

She helps people solve both the causes and the effects of illness. Getting to the root of the condition helps to achieve long term health improvements, enabling the body and mind to truly repair and re-balance.

If you would like to talk about whether acupuncture can help you or what to expect email heather@oxfordacupuncture.clinic or call 01865 819698


Heather trained at the internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, U.K. She studied acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) gaining a BSc(Hons) and Licentiate of Acupuncture (LicAc). Her training also included biomedical sciences, tui na, gua-sha and qi gong.

She is a fully qualified, professionally trained acupuncturist and member of the British Acupuncture Council with full professional insurance.

Postgraduate Studies include:

  • The treatment of Trauma and PTSD
  • Fertility and Pregnancy
  • Advanced Needle Technique (for painless and effective treatment)
  • Japanese Acupuncture: Methods and Practice
  • NADA protocol (used for treating addiction and trauma)
  • Advanced Moxibustion
  • She continues to do postgraduate studies related to her practice.


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    The acupuncture method Heather practices is not painful. Your comfort is a priority and treatments will focus on ensuring that you get the maximum possible benefit from each session. I use new, individually packaged and sterilized needles for each client and every treatment.

    Focus on the Cause

    Oriental Medicine works by looking for the underlying cause or imbalance of a symptom or condition. This approach leads to a longer lasting resolution of symptoms.

    Individual Treatments

    The make-up of these underlying patterns are specific to each individual. Treatment is tailored to each person.


    A variety of treatments can be used to maximise healing.


    The insertion of very fine needles into points on the body. Stimulating and calming the function of the organs, muscles and other systems of the body.

    Touch Needling

    A specific Japanese technique used for children and needle-sensitive adults. Needles don’t penetrate the skin.


    A herbal treatment used to warm the body, increase immunity, replenish reserves and activate weak and tired systems.


    Glass suction cups move and oxygenate the blood, reducing pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints.


    A fine electric current attached to acupuncture needles can stimulate the points and reduce healing time.

    Dietary Therapy

    There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet. Specific individualised dietary advice from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

    Conditions Treated

    Some of some of the conditions that have been seen in my clinic include:

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    Dysmenorrhoea & Cramping
    Obstetrics & Childbirth
    Premenstrual syndrome

    Digestive Issues
    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
    Bloating & cramps

    Allergic Rhinitis
    Chemo and Cancer support
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Hayfever & Allergies
    Headaches & Migraines
    Hypertension – High blood pressure
    Insomnia & sleep disorders
    Peripheral Neuropathy
    Skin Conditions

    Back Pain & Sciatica
    Frozen Shoulder & Tennis Elbow
    Joint Pain
    Sports & Other Injuries

    Please note this list is not comprehensive. If you would like to ask about something not on the list please contact me by email or use the contact form.


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    Clinic & Contact

    Heather practices at the Iffley Turn Practice in Iffley, Oxford.


    01865 819698

    Contact Form

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    Iffley Turn Practice

    3 Church Cowley Road
    OX4 3JR

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    Bookings & Fees


    You can contact Heather at anytime to book an appointment or to discuss treatment.
    You can also contact her if you need advice or you would like to discuss anything before booking your first appointment.

    All new patients need to book in for the
    longer initial First Appointment.

    Book an appointment using the form below.
    You can choose to pay now or to pay on the day.


    01865 819698



    Bookings Form


    First Appointment

    (Up to 75 minutes): £65

    Follow-up Appointment

    (Up to 45 minutes): £48

    Free Consultation (15 minutes)

    This consultation can be in person or by phone.

    “First Five” package

    For best results five consecutive weekly treatments are recommended initially. If you would like to take up this offer please book all five sessions at the same time: £220. Please note that this doesn’t include the longer initial appointment.


    Less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation will incur the full fee.
    In cases of illness, half the fee is payable.

    Reduced Rates:

    Reduced rates are available for those on a low income – please ask.


    Payment by card, cash or cheque.


    Many health insurance companies cover acupuncture. Treatments are to be paid for for on the day, proof of appointment and payment can be provided for you to claim back from your provider.


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